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Is it better to bake on foil or parchment paper?

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For pastry food manufacturers, food quality is particularly important, and it is related to the business development of the enterprise. In addition to the ingredients themselves, food packaging paper is also one of the main influencing factors that affect the taste and appearance of pastries, including the paper used in baking, steamer paper and so on. For the long-term development of enterprises, manufacturers need to choose a batch of high-quality and usable food paper.

The boxed parchment paper we produce uses 40 grams of food-grade silicone oil paper. The baked food will not burn or stick, heat and bake resistant, not easy to deform, and can be reused. The parchment paper we produce is coated with silicon on both sides. The color is white and natural wood color. The main material is 40 grams of food-grade silicone oil paper. The paper is light and thin, with good air permeability; it is resistant to high temperature steaming and does not fade; it has no heavy metals, no fluorescent agents, and more importantly is waterproof, oil-proof and anti-sticking, so there is no need to worry about the deformation of the cakes. And this silicone oil paper is used as steamer paper, bottom wrapping paper, baking tray paper, barbecue paper, barbecue paper, boxed silicone paper, paper cups of various shapes, candy paper, etc., and it has a wide range of applications.

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To attract more repeat customers, a barbecue restaurant needs to start with a piece of high-quality barbecue paper.

  As the status of barbecue and barbecue in everyone’s mind continues to rise, there are more and more barbecue shops and barbecue shops on the street. Under the same conditions, consumers will of course choose stores where the food looks cleaner and healthier. Generally, good quality burnt paper or barbecue paper will affect the appearance and taste of the food. Therefore, if the store wants to attract more look back, it must first start with choosing a high-quality food paper. The barbecue restaurant is a good place to have a meal with friends or couples on a date, where you can enjoy both delicious food and the fun of doing hands-on together. However, if the quality of the barbecue paper in the rotisserie is not good enough, it is easy to scorch the meat, and then the barbecue paper needs to be replaced constantly. Frequent occurrence of this situation not only affects the customer’s dining experience and prevents them from coming back later, but also Will increase the cost of the restaurant. Therefore, it is very important to choose some high-quality barbecue paper, and our barbecue paper is made of food-grade silicone oil paper, which is waterproof, oil-proof and high-temperature resistant. For these food papers in the market that affect public health and the image of businesses, we have always insisted on making healthy and safe food papers. Our barbecue paper is made of 40g-50g imported food-grade silicone oil paper; the process technology achieves the effect of double-sided silicon coating and single-sided silicon coating, which can effectively waterproof, oil, and high temperature. In addition, the barbecue paper made of food-grade silicone oil paper also has the advantages of good anti-sticking property and good air permeability. The paper can also smell a light log fragrance.

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But in the market, there are too many parchment papers of different quality, and the quality is simply unidentifiable. Many baking papers in cake shops have quality problems. The use of inferior materials makes baking papers intolerant of high temperatures. The baking process tends to bake the bottom of the cake, which affects the taste of the cake, thereby affecting the reputation of the cake shop and brand reputation . Inferior baking paper has poor oil and water resistance, and is prone to oil and water penetration, which will pose a threat to baking equipment, and the frequency of baking paper replacement is high, and the cost is relatively high in the long run. In order to solve these problems in the baking pan paper on the market, we have been strictly controlling the quality of the food silicone oil paper in the baking pan, using imported food-grade silicone paper with a material of 40 g-50 g. Paper can prevent food from sticking to paper, and can effectively resist high temperature to prevent food from scorching. It can prevent oil, water, moisture, oil penetration and soaking, and it is safe and environmentally friendly, and protects consumers’ health.


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Made from natural wood pulp and totally fluorescent free, chlorine free, water proof, food grade, unbleached, NON-TOXIC and BPA-free. Oven and microwave safe to 450℉, so it won’t curl when baked at high temperatures.

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Take your baking and cooking to a professional level – makes perfectly baked cookies, caramel, roasted veggies, fish en papillote, and so much more. Our dual-coated unrefined silicone unbleached greaseproof parchment are the best non-toxic, greaseproof, parchment in the market.

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