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Is baking sheet the same as parchment paper?

parchment paper roll

Different countries have different names for baking paper

The baking paper could be identified as parchment paper or bakery paper in some parts of the United States. In Europe, the UK, and other parts of the world, the baking paper is called parchment paper. Parchment paper used for baking has been around the kitchen since the 19th century.

The first commercialized parchment paper was made with plant-based paper dipped with concentrated sulfuric acid and water. After drying, it leaves a smooth, nonstick finish, similar to parchment. Parchment, which is made with calfskin, is commonly used material for writing.

Books and documents written on parchment could last longer than the printing technology. This is where parchment paper derived its name. However, parchment paper is commonly misunderstood as parchment. This is why other parts of the country and the US uses the term baking paper or bakery paper.

Nowadays, baking paper is made with silicone. The use of sulfuric acid or asbestos had been removed after further studies found out that it is not safe for food consumption. Asbestos-coated paper is not heat-resistant, which silicone can provide.

Most Helpful Reviews

Lynne Behrens Hanna@ Easy
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I use it every day. I cook bacon in the oven and it makes clean up a breeze. Will purchase again
Baazumi@Fantastic Stuff
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Parchment paper is also perfect for wrapping fish and baking in the oven, lining bake ware for meatloaf, cookies, breads, most anything that can be baked parchment paper can be used. Our kitchen is never without it.
chelsea doane@Good value
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I love parchment paper for all kinds of baking and roasting. a good value and will serve you well
Rose Blue@Wider width and keeps baked items from sticking
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Parchment paper is a great product I wish I had started using long ago. I use it for cookies, meatloaf, meatballs, biscuits, bacon, etc when cooking in the oven.
Chad Wienert@ Great product!
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Great product. Hold up well. Easy to use
Buyer@Good find
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Cheaper than the grocery store, and good quality to boot. Can't go wrong.

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