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Introduction To Color Sequence Of Multicolor Machine

           There is an interval between the first color and the second color printing of offset monochrome machine. During this period, the binder in the oil foam gradually penetrates into the paper, and the ink surface gradually oxidizes the conjunctiva. Introduction To Color Sequence Of Multicolor Machine

      When printing the second color, the ink is printed on the conjunctival ink layer, which is called wet press drying.   Introduction To Color Sequence Of Multicolor Machine.Introduction To Color Sequence Of Multicolor Machine               

         When the multicolor machine is printing, the inks of various color plates are overprinted together in less than a few seconds. The interval between the colors is very short. The post printing color cannot be printed on the ink layer with oxidized conjunctiva. This is the so-called wet pressing .Introduction To Color Sequence Of Multicolor Machine

Introduction To Color Sequence Of Multicolor Machine

        In the “wet pressing” process of multi-color machine, white paper is most likely to accept the first set of ink. Black is the most obvious, followed by cyan and magenta, which are called the three strong colors. People’s vision is the slowest to reflect yellow, so they put it last. The ink of the first color group should be thicker. In the future, the concentration of each color ink decreases machine by machine.

       Black is placed in the first color for printing, which is convenient for overprint accuracy. This is why multicolor machines generally have black, green, magenta and yellow as the main color sequence. (general 4-color ink viscosity relationship: t black ≥ t blue = t Red > t yellow. T represents ink viscosity value).Introduction To Color Sequence Of Multicolor Machine

      The overprint of multi-color machine ink is carried out under the condition of “wet to wet”. In the relationship between ink viscosity and overprint, the viscosity value of the back color ink cannot be too much greater than that of the previous color ink, otherwise the previous color ink just printed will be stuck down and transferred to the printing plate by the rubber roller, which will not only cause the “mixed color” of the ink, but also cause the ink not to print, and the ink color of the printed part is very light, No spirit.Introduction To Color Sequence Of Multicolor Machine

      It is found that this situation can be remedied by adjusting the viscosity relationship of four-color ink or changing the color sequence of ink. (to adjust the viscosity of the ink, add viscosity reducing agent such as mineral oil or add some viscosity increasing agent such as Zero Ink adjusting oil.)Introduction To Color Sequence Of Multicolor Machine

      The method of arranging color sequence shall follow the principle of highlighting the main color of the picture to prevent the main color from being covered to determine the color sequence. Generally speaking, the screen area and dominant color are used as the basis for color sequence arrangement.Introduction To Color Sequence Of Multicolor Machine

       Therefore, after accepting the product printing sheet, it is necessary to analyze the focus of a certain color on the proofing picture, and appropriately change the color sequence to meet the original, so as to fully represent the original and better reproduce its order and color.Introduction To Color Sequence Of Multicolor Machine

      Generally, the picture (warm tone) dominated by characters in the portrait calendar is mainly black, blue, red and yellow. Generally, the pictures dominated by large-area scenery (cool tone) are mainly black, red, blue and yellow. Introduction To Color Sequence Of Multicolor Machine

       For the spot color composed of large-area 4 colors, the dominant color shall be the main color, and the color sequence shall be considered, including large-area black, and the possibility of the final printing color sequence shall not be ruled out. For some main color plates with different depths, Introduction To Color Sequence Of Multicolor Machine

      when there is a large gap between printing and proofing control, the method of two-time printing by layered plate folding or multi exposure PS plate drying can be adopted. In short, we should restore the spot color. Be bold and scientific. We should fully understand that plate making and proofing is circular flattening, while printing is circular flattening. The fact that dot enlargement value is greater than proofing.Introduction To Color Sequence Of Multicolor Machine

      To sum up, the arrangement of color sequence of multi-color machine is closely related to the quality of printing. How to arrange color sequence scientifically and reasonably is still a subject in our process technology research.Introduction To Color Sequence Of Multicolor Machine

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