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Incorrect Barcode Printing Position

      In the packaging and printing industry, bar code technology is a widely used means of automatic identification and computer data input in the world. It is a management tool to improve work efficiency. The quality of bar code printed matter affects sales like the quality of goods themselves. Qualified bar code symbols are the necessary guarantee for the implementation of automatic management in POS system. Incorrect Barcode Printing Position

      We have seen that the relevant departments implement the bar code mark printing qualification recognition system for printing enterprises, and inspect the test products and products of trial printing and formal printing, so as to ensure the quality of bar code printed products. However, the situation after this is easy to ignore. Some commodity bar codes are inspected as qualified products after printing by printing enterprises, but they become unqualified products during the use of system members and after circulating to businesses, which should be paid attention to by system members.Incorrect Barcode Printing Position.

There are usually the following situations:

      The shape design of goods is incorrect. Drinks, especially polyester bottled drinks, have concave and flat shapes. However, bar code symbols are usually printed on plastic labels. After the labels are pasted on the bottles, they become uneven and wrinkled with the bottle shape, resulting in the bar code symbols can not be read correctly. In this case, when designing the shape of the bottle, ensure that the part of the label is smooth.Incorrect Barcode Printing Position.

Incorrect barcode printing position

      For some bagged commodities, the bar code symbol is printed close to the edge of the bag. Although the inspection is qualified after printing, the contents are deformed and wrinkled, and the bar code can not be read correctly. The correct method is to avoid seams and deformed parts when designing the bar code position. It is best to first fill the contents in the bag, observe the flat part, and then print the bar code symbol at this position.Incorrect Barcode Printing Position


Incorrect Barcode Printing Position

      Other contents are marked on the goods, resulting in unqualified bar codes. The common ones are the food marked with production date, production batch number, shelf life and so on:

      Mistakenly marked on the bar code symbol, boxed food is marked with pad printing ink and manual code printer. The bar code position on some boxes is designed on the other side corresponding to the marked date position, while it takes a period of time for the pad printing ink to dry after printing, 2-5 seconds for fast drying ink and more than 5 seconds for slow drying ink.Incorrect Barcode Printing Position

       When the box is pushed after the date is marked, the wet ink will pollute the bar code symbols on the other box, and the amount of stacking will pollute the amount, forming stains and unable to read correctly, which should be paid attention to when designing the bar code position.Incorrect Barcode Printing Position.

       When the quick-frozen food of special commodities, such as ice cream, is taken out after refrigeration, a thin layer of ice is condensed on its surface due to low temperature, and all or part of the bar code symbol is covered, so it can not be read correctly. This kind of goods is seasonal and short-term, so in store code should be adopted.Incorrect Barcode Printing Position

      In short, to ensure the quality of bar code printed matter, we should not only control the printing process of bar code, but also control the use process of bar code printed matter. Incorrect Barcode Printing Position.

     Only by paying attention to the whole process of bar code printing until the goods carrying bar code symbols are sold through POS system, can we effectively promote the improvement of bar code quality.Incorrect Barcode Printing Position

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