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How to use baking paper

What is baking paper

Baking paper is a commonly used packaging paper with a three-layer structure. The first layer is bottom paper, the second layer is coated, and the third layer is silicone oil. Because baking paper has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, moisture resistance, and oil resistance, it is generally used for packaging in the food industry; it can also isolate products, such as oven isolation, etc.; baking paper can also be used for printing, and the material is particularly tough; electronic products and automobiles Baking paper is also used for foam.

Is baking paper poisonous

Silicone oil is also called laminating liquid, which contains resin, varnish and so on. The varnish contains toxic substances such as benzene and xylene, which have a great impact on human health and are irritating to the skin and eyes. So when choosing food, try not to use this kind of food that uses baking paper for processing, packaging, or cooking. Whether it is xylene contained in baking paper, other resins, and varnishes, it will be bad for human health. Impact.


Baking paper is a kind of high temperature resistant baking paper that has been siliconized. When baking the biscuits, put them on the baking tray to prevent the biscuits from sticking. A small amount of spilled grease is easier to clean if it sticks to the baking tray. A piece of baking paper can basically be used repeatedly for two or three times. If the greased paper changes color or sticks to a lot of residue, it should be replaced. 

Uses of baking paper

  1. Baking paper is an indispensable tool when making cake rolls. First, it can be placed on the baking tray to facilitate the demoulding of the cake; second, the oil paper is relatively soft, so it can be easily rolled up with a rolling pin when rolling the cake. Since the material of aluminum foil is relatively hard, it must not be replaced by aluminum foil.
  2. Because aluminum foil paper cannot be microwaved, baking paper must be used when microwaves are required.
  3. Baking paper will also be used as packaging paper for food
  4. Baking paper can print patterns
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