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The past few years,with plastic straws had been forbidden. More and more the industry of paper straws has been developing.

I think you must care about the price of paper straws. Are them more expensive than plastic straws? How much more do paper straws cost over plastic straws? Here I will show you.

Paper Straws
Food Safety

As we all know, paper straws are more environmental and secure than that which made of plastic. Due to environmental problems, there has been an anti-plastic frenzy around the world. For the needs of life, paper straws have been invented. Manufacturers will choose the best and safest materials. As you know that plastic straws can be recycled. When we us straws which made of plastic, there will be food debris on them. If they are recycled, they should go through several processes. Even if, there may be sanitary safety. But paper straws can not. They all are disposable products. Much safer than plastic straws.

Paper Straws
Environmental Safety

Paper straws are degradable. They can degradable very fast with water. But you don’t worry about using them. Even more, they also can be biodegradable. We can do the least harm to nature. But if plastic straws are thrown into nature. They will take hundreds of years to be fully explained. This is bad for nature.

Paper Straws

By these comparisons, do you think it’s worth it if paper straws are more expensive than plastic straws. Which are you willing to pay for.  

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