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Paper straws are made from paper. So you must care about how long paper straws last for. Properly speaking, paper straws break down more quickly than plastic straws. At first you should know where you put paper straws in.

Paper Straws

Differences of beverages can influence the lifetime of paper straws. For all I know, paper straws can last for 2 hours at least in beverages at normal temperature. The drink is hotter, the time is shorter.

Soil or Ocean

At last, rubbish may be buried in the soil or thrown into the ocean. Under the circumstances, they degrade in just 30 days. There are too many microbes in the sea and in the soil. Especially in the sea, there are more microbes in the water. Paper straws degrade completely in half a year.

Paper Straws
In wild animals

Before paper straws are degraded completely. Wild animals may eat them by mistake. But they can not cause detriment. There are many digestive enzymes in animals which can speed up the degradation. Eventually, they will be ruled out animals.

Paper Straws

In one word, paper straws can be used very safely. It is also no harm to wildlife. Please just use.

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