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How do you measure a bouffant hat?

A fluffy hat is different from a hairnet.The hair net is made of nylon or polyester mesh and is designed to stretch over the head and down the hair, but if you look closely, you can see the effect of a ribbon.

  Ribbon has openings or sharp holes, and when a loose hat is made of a nonporous layer of fabric, the ribbon may inadvertently let hair through. Another difference between a hairnet and a fluffy hat is that the hairnet is slightly fluffy when worn, while the fluffy hat sticks out for easy compliance checks.The fluffy caps also give a clean feel to guests who might visit the factory

  Our fluffy covers are available in different fabrics, colours and sizes such as 18 “, 21 “, 24 “or 28” and are perfect for anyone with “big hair”. Each hood is made of a comfortable, latex free elastic gather material that holds the fluffier in place and curls the hair.

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To help you choose the fluffy hat you need here is some general information:

Polypropylene: Spunbonded polypropylene is the most economical, basic bulking cap and is commonly used in dentistry, healthcare, medical research, pharmaceuticals, food services and cleaning services.

This standard fabric is a very popular choice for basic protective clothing that requires regular spray and particle protection.

The protective barrier is achieved by fusing the fibers together to form a breathable, lightweight, braided material.

Put your pointer finger from each hand inside the elastic of the net or cap. Pull it taught… but not too tight as to snap the elastic. Measure the stretched item against a ruler or measuring tape to get the size. Round up or down to the nearest available size.