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Harm Of Static Electricity On Paper To Printing

     In the packaging and printing industry, sometimes paper with static electricity will bring a lot of trouble to printing.Harm Of Static Electricity On Paper To Printing.

Harm Of Static Electricity On Paper To Printing

     First, the paper cannot be touched. Under the action of static electricity, the paper and paper are firmly absorbed, there is deviation, and it is difficult for air to enter between the papers. If you want to collide, you will sometimes pull them apart one by one, wasting time.Harm Of Static Electricity On Paper To Printing.

      In the printing process, due to electrostatic attraction, single sheets of paper are firmly pasted together, sometimes two, sometimes several, sometimes a pile of paper can not be separated, and the paper separation suction nozzle can not absorb the paper. When the brush is pressed heavily, it often produces broken tension and empty tension; Harm Of Static Electricity On Paper To Printing.

      When the brush is pressed lightly, it will produce double sheets and multiple sheets. Multiple sheets of paper entering between the rubber drum and the embossing drum will cause stuffy car and crush the blanket and liner. The paper with static electricity is not smooth when it is transported forward on the paper feeding table, and the deviation and inaccurate positioning at the front gauge lead to the inability to register the second overprint, poor product quality and great waste. Even after the embossing part, the paper receiving is very uneven, which brings great trouble to the second whole paper and seriously affects the production speed.Harm Of Static Electricity On Paper To Printing.

     Paper tape static electricity is related to papermaking. Generally speaking, the base paper is less charged when leaving the factory, and the probability of coated paper is less charged. Printing paper (white board, paperboard, etc.) and coated paper are reprocessed on the basis of base paper, even if the base paper will disappear during processing.Harm Of Static Electricity On Paper To Printing.

     Generally speaking, there is more static electricity in the paper tape with a quantitative quantity of less than 80g / m2, but the static electricity before printing on the paper or before printing is not obvious, and the static electricity increases sharply after printing. There is water in the offset printing process. Generally, people with static electricity after printing are rare. For offset printing, static electricity mainly occurs before printing.Harm Of Static Electricity On Paper To Printing.

Cause analysis:

      The main cause of paper tape static electricity is friction. The electrification of many objects is caused by friction. The friction between paper and press during papermaking, the friction between paper and rubber drum and pressure drum during printing are important factors to produce static electricity.Harm Of Static Electricity On Paper To Printing.

      The atoms of various substances have different binding forces on electrons, or have different intimate properties to electrons. When two different substances are in close contact, the binding force of alienated electrons on electrons is weak, and some electrons are attached to the surface of relative electrons through the interface. Harm Of Static Electricity On Paper To Printing.

       As a result of this electron transfer, an electric double layer will be formed at the interface. At this time, if the two substances are separated rapidly, the electron sparing party will be positively charged due to the loss of some electrons, and the electron loving party will be negatively charged due to the acquisition of some electrons. This is the essence of electricity generated by friction.Harm Of Static Electricity On Paper To Printing.

      The alienation characteristics of paper, blanket, ink and printing plate to electrons in printing materials are different. The huge pressure in the printing process makes them in close contact and separate at high speed, which has the condition of friction to generate electricity. Therefore, it can be understood that thousands of volts of static electricity, especially some papers have static electricity before printing. Static electricity is generated in the manufacturing process of paper. Harm Of Static Electricity On Paper To Printing.

      If it cannot be sent to the printing plant with escape packaging, the static electricity will remain, which is also the reason why the paper is charged before printing. When using these papers, different methods must be used to eliminate static electricity according to the actual situation of production.Harm Of Static Electricity On Paper To Printing.

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