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Five Creative Uses of Paper Doilies

A paper doily can also be referred to as doilies in the plural. It is a mat with ornamental features made of fabric and applied when necessary to protect surfaces or bind flowers.

It is often characterized by openwork, allowing the surfaces of the objects to show through.

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Coining the term Doily

Doiley was a London draper in the 17th century. It was made famous when it won an introduction into the market as ideal wear for summer.

At that time, people used it as a primary adjective, ‘the doily kinds of stuff.

Over the years, the use of doilies shifted to it being an ornamental/decorative napkin used for dessert.

Today, it is known as the doily napkin. Want to know what you can use the napkin for?

Creative uses of Doily

1.Making doily luminaries

Dainty doilies are burlap and rustic. This perfect combination makes them ideal for making luminaries.

They would be perfect on your mantle or entryway. Also, they make beautiful wedding centerpieces.

You could play around with various colors and twine while experimenting with a variety of doily designs.

Use recycled jars to perfect your holidays with other doily beauty.

2.Making a lacey candle holder

Maybe you have seen elegant candle holders at the mall. But probably you do not have any idea about how easy it is to make such.

What may look like a complicated and meticulously crafted artwork can be whipped in a few minutes.

You do not even need to spend a lot of time on it. You will need old crotchet doilies, balloons, and wallpaper paste.

Putting these pieces together should be easy. Begin by soaking the doilies in the paste.

Wrap them around your balloons and hang them until they dry up. You can do this overnight.

3.Doily lampshade

Having seen a beautiful lampshade on Pinterest and other social sites that give insight into interior décor, you may be wondering how to make a doily lampshade.

The main elements you need are a doilies balloon, cling film, wallpaper paste, a bucket, rubber gloves, and resin.

Hang up on a ladder. Take the paste and add it to the doillied balloon, then allow it to dry.

Could you put it on your balloon? Allow it to dry for a week. Your lampshade should be ready by then.

4.Doily pillow

When your bedroom requires a wake-up, pillows are exactly what you need to achieve that dazzling look.

For an ultra-luxe experience, you can invest in Doily’s pillows. A bright color such as purple would do.

But this depends on your theme and preference. The pillow may also be put up as the centerpiece of your bedroom.

While the pillow is an ideal way to use the Doily, the project demands that you learn sewing skills.

5.Painted packaging

Flexible bags and pouches used in painted packaging offer an eco-friendly solution to users.

The solution protects paint and primers while making them easier to dispense.

If you are a business owner with a retail setting, your product will reduce hazards and increase shipping efficiencies if you use doilies to manufacture the painted packaging. Similarly, you can also use the papers as stencils.

Final Thoughts

Paper doilies have thousands of uses. Many people have them in their houses and on display.

Though delicate, they have a feminine look just like lace. If you would like to add that sweet vintage look to the crafts, consider dolling with the doilies.

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