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Digital Inkjet Technology And Screen Printing

         The printing market is changing with each passing day and the competition is becoming increasingly fierce, but it is also full of opportunities. Among them, large format packaging printing is a promising market.Digital Inkjet Technology And Screen Printing

       Some survey reports show that among all the potential value-added services that commercial printing enterprises can provide, large-scale printing is the most potential and easily overlooked opportunity. Digital Inkjet Technology And Screen Printing

        Nowadays, there is an increasing demand for large-scale printing on a variety of printing materials. Advertising companies, design studios, posters, indoor and outdoor pop advertisements, retail signs and commercial displays all need the support of large-scale technology, and many commercial printers are wrong to obtain huge profits in the field of large-scale printing

Digital Inkjet Technology And Screen Printing

1、 Development of wide width printing technology

       Five or six years ago, many people predicted that screen printing would soon disappear under the impact of digital printing technology. But today, screen printing is still vibrant and business is booming. Is this a temporary phenomenon or is the prophecy itself wrong?

1. Digital printing continues to develop

        The growth rate and process of digital printing are not as predicted by experts in the 1990s, but we do see the growth of wide digital printing power. Digital Inkjet Technology And Screen Printing

      There are reasons why the prediction failed five years ago, because the real difficulty in predicting the wide printing market is that it has not formed a market at all.Digital Inkjet Technology And Screen Printing

       It is different image companies that use mixed technology to serve customers in various fields. To predict, you must not only observe existing digital users, but also identify and analyze non users and potential users of digital printing equipment.Digital Inkjet Technology And Screen Printing

2 . The growth of wide digital printing is only in individual printing companies

       In terms of the establishment rate of new printing workshops, the photographic laboratories, label workshops and reproduction workshops for wide image printing reached their peak from 1985 to 1990 and have been in a downward trend in recent years. Digital Inkjet Technology And Screen Printing

      If we look at digital printing, we will find that only digital printing is still growing, but it is not growing as fast as when the wide digital printer was first installed a few years ago. Digital Inkjet Technology And Screen Printing

       Comparing this trend with the data obtained from the government, it can be seen that although the European image market continues to grow at a rate of 15% per year, the total number of wide image and printing suppliers and screen printers shows a slow downward trend.Digital Inkjet Technology And Screen Printing

        This trend is extremely detrimental to companies that lack market skills, innovation, digital technology or capital, resulting in a declining competitive position. Digital Inkjet Technology And Screen Printing

     In the past, printers, image laboratories and label companies engaged in simple production could get some old customers by controlling the small local market, but in the digital prepress era, technology determines who is the winner of wide image printing. Digital Inkjet Technology And Screen Printing

      Professional image studio, reproduction room, screen printer or label manufacturer can win customers. But digital printing is different. Since all these image markets use digital prepress, communication and image technology, they should compete with each other in both traditional and new fields.Digital Inkjet Technology And Screen Printing

3 . Foreign market analysis

      In Europe and the United States, these issues will continue to shape the broad printing equipment and consumer goods market itself and its structure. Many manufacturers and suppliers have assumed that with the non-technical printing process, a large number of newly established companies will emerge, Digital Inkjet Technology And Screen Printing

      and countless existing printers will adopt wide format digital printing as the natural expansion direction of their company. This seems to lead to the development of a huge market, but the market is associated with the use of water-based inks and expensive。Digital Inkjet Technology And Screen Printing

      The image industry related to slow inkjet machines also seems to have led to the development of all local service markets, but it seems that this is not the case.Digital Inkjet Technology And Screen Printing

      Wide format traditional printing companies have found that digital printing seems easier to develop than new companies starting from scratch. And when existing users increase and reinvest,Digital Inkjet Technology And Screen Printing

       it has different meanings in terms of the types of machines they buy. A simple rule of success is to obtain the business volume of wide width digital printers with different capabilities. Digital Inkjet Technology And Screen Printing

       This includes the increase of machines with production capacity, that is, machines that can be printed directly on traditional substrates rather than expensive special substrates. Digital Inkjet Technology And Screen Printing

      This trend inevitably causes some companies to reduce the expected production of digital substrates to meet the actual market demand. The current level has reached twice the actual demand. If the production is not reduced, a large number of products will be overstocked.Digital Inkjet Technology And Screen Printing

        In short, the digital revolution has indeed had a great impact on traditional wide width printing suppliers, such as screen printers, image studios and label printing workshops.Digital Inkjet Technology And Screen Printing

       With the progress of the times and the maturity of technology, digital printing is an inevitable development trend in the future.Digital Inkjet Technology And Screen Printing

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