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Definition And Type Of Packaging Mark

       Packaging printing is the fastest developing field of packaging printing in China in recent years. It involves almost all printing processes, including offset printing, gravure printing, screen printing and flexo printing.Definition And Type Of Packaging Mark

       For a long time, packaging printing proofing is mainly to meet the visual effect, which is difficult to achieve the reproducibility of the printing effect or the reducibility with the original. Definition And Type Of Packaging Mark

      Some process proofing, such as gravure proofing, is simply cancelled due to long cycle and high cost; Some use indirect proofing.Definition And Type Of Packaging Mark

         For example, the gravure process adopts traditional proofing, which has the same long cycle and poor process correlation. Therefore, packaging plate making and proofing is always one of the problems around packaging and printing quality management and affecting the improvement of packaging product quality. Definition And Type Of Packaging Mark

       With the increasingly exquisite quality requirements of packaging and printing products, the requirements for proofing are higher and higher, especially the speed of proofing and the reproducibility of printing effect.Definition And Type Of Packaging Mark

Definition And Type Of Packaging Mark

       At present, after nearly five years of development, digital proofing technology has reached a very mature and rapidly popularized stage.Definition And Type Of Packaging Mark

       It should be said that packaging printing is the most significant field benefiting from digital proofing technology. Whether it is the quality of proofing, or the speed, cost and format of proofing, it has been recognized and affirmed in all aspects concerned by people in the industry.Definition And Type Of Packaging Mark


      Compared with traditional offset proofing and gravure proofing, digital proofing is fast, stable, less investment, less land occupation and has no special requirements for the environment; Farewell is digital proofing. There is no need for special personnel, long-term training and practice. Definition And Type Of Packaging Mark

       Any front-end designer or producer connected to the network can output the required electronic documents and obtain satisfactory samples, or for checking the quality of the pre process (design and production), or for reference printing after printing, or for users to sign samples.


        For those plate making fields without traditional color separations, such as offset and flexo direct plate making (CTP) system and electronic engraving gravure plate making system without software package (color separations), Definition And Type Of Packaging Mark

      digital proofing has become a necessary process and technology. People can get a “what you see is what you get” sample in a few minutes.Definition And Type Of Packaging Mark


       At present, under the control of color management software, various digital proofing systems can quickly and high-speed print color proofs that meet the suitability of various printing processes,.Definition And Type Of Packaging Mark

      different paper (or substrate) and ink effects. The format can reach more than 1.5 meters, the output speed per square meter is only about 5 minutes, and the image resolution can reach more than 600 DPI. Definition And Type Of Packaging Mark

       For example, HP’s Designjet 5000 large format inkjet printer, matched with Jinhao’s color management software harliquin rip, can get a very ideal digital proofing system at less than one eighth of the price of the traditional proofing machine, Definition And Type Of Packaging Mark

      And the proofing cost is significantly lower than the traditional proofing process, which was unimaginable years ago.Definition And Type Of Packaging Mark


       In short, the new digital proofing technology provides the most ideal proofing method for packaging printing plate making. It breaks the boundary between printing process, printing materials and printing suitability.Definition And Type Of Packaging Mark

        It can not only print FM dot or continuous tone samples, but also print am dot samples that are completely consistent with the printing effect (such as the number of screen lines, Definition And Type Of Packaging Mark

     Dot shape, mesh angle, etc.). Digital proofing technology will be rapidly promoted in the field of packaging and printing, and make due contributions to improving the quality of packaging and printing and meeting the faster and better social needs.Definition And Type Of Packaging Mark

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