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Cosmetics Label Printing Stunt

       Due to the uniqueness of the cosmetics industry, cosmetics packaging labels must be protective, functional and decorative. Any neglect may affect the development of a brand of cosmetics. Consumers have higher and higher requirements for the appearance of cosmetic packaging. Cosmetics Label Printing Stunt.Cosmetics Label Printing Stunt

       In various stores, which brand can “jump” out of many brands to attract consumers first and “capture” their eyeballs is enough to seize a greater market share. Therefore, cosmetics businesses’ love for packaging, attention and continuous innovation will also provide us with new business opportunities.Cosmetics Label Printing Stunt

Cosmetics Label Printing Stunt

      The traditional printing method of cosmetic labels is mainly screen printing, such as printing on glass or plastic bottles. Now most of them have turned to self-adhesive labels, and the demand for film label materials is also growing rapidly. At the same time, the technical content is also higher and higher. Previously, a single pattern can only be printed on the bottle in the form of screen. Now, beautiful color effects can be obtained through offset printing, flexo printing and other printing methods.Cosmetics Label Printing Stunt

       Due to the particularity and difference of cosmetic shape, there are many irregular curved surface shapes, so the requirements for label materials are very high. The label is required to fit well with the bottle body on cosmetics, and there are no bubbles and warping.Cosmetics Label Printing Stunt

      Mass industrial production requires automatic labeling, which requires very good labeling, which is in contradiction with customers’ requirements for light, thin and soft labels. How to coordinate and unify the two still needs joint research and development by all parties.Cosmetics Label Printing Stunt

      At present, label printing enterprises are relatively small in scale, with unclear specialization, scattered investment, disorderly competition in technology, price and service, lack of industry organization in label printing, and poor information flow within the industry, which are bottlenecks hindering the development of cosmetic packaging label printing. It is urgent to integrate and improve the scale and specialization level of the whole industry, including technology Integration of equipment and manufacturers.Cosmetics Label Printing Stunt

      In terms of the new process of cosmetic label printing, in mold labeling not only has good anti-counterfeiting function, which can achieve the effect of integrating the bottle body and printing like screen printing, but also has no broken difference between the label edge and the bottle body, not to mention the possibility of warping and blistering of traditional labels, and the cost is not higher than that of traditional labels. It is a new labeling technology with great potential.Cosmetics Label Printing Stunt

      However, after the packaging containers labeled in the mold are produced, it is impossible to change the label, which has an impact on the production flexibility, which requires the manufacturer to have an accurate sales forecast for the products. At present, there are not many cosmetic manufacturers in China, which limits the development of in mold labeling.Cosmetics Label Printing Stunt

      However, due to the incomparable advantages of ordinary labels, in mold labeling, together with double-sided labels, film labels and ultra transparent labels, will be the development trend of label printing of medium and high-end cosmetics and even other products in the future.Cosmetics Label Printing Stunt

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