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Adhesion strength of UV ink and UV varnish (1)

UV ink and UV varnish become the new favorite of printing materials

      Packaging and printing industry is developing rapidly in the direction of fast, multi – color and one – time printing.

     At present, UV ink and UV varnish have become the new favorite of packaging and printing materials and the upstart and mainstream of the paper industry.Adhesion strength of UV ink and UV varnish 

     However, with the extension of application time and the expansion of application fields, people put forward newer and higher requirements for the above products: they will not dry on the printing press, but also dry quickly after printing;Adhesion strength

      Low material cost and high gloss; It should not only have a long storage period, but also have good adhesion and fastness after printing and roller coating.Adhesion strength of UV ink and UV varnish 

Adhesion strength of UV ink and UV varnish (1)

How to improve bonding strength.

     At present, few can meet the above requirements at the same time. Packaging and printing operators are concerned about the adhesion fastness of ink film and film film. The other is that they can flow without caking at low temperature

    Whether UV ink or UV varnish, packaging and printing plants dare not operate in the season of high temperature and humidity; Second, worry about the excessive water content of the substrate. Because after printing or polishing on the above workshop environment and substrate, the ink film or adhesive film is easy to be torn off by the initial bolt (adhesive tape paper) and returned by the user.Adhesion strength

     For example, in Henan Luohe “Shuanghui” group, the author found that the group’s ham sausage carton packaging was sealed with adhesive tape. In the process of consumption, the adhesive tape is torn off, and the decoration (ink and varnish) on the packaging seal is torn into pieces, which reduces the appearance quality of packaged goods and directly damages the brand image of the enterprise.

     For another example, when Nanjing gold foil group prints mouth flowers on Wuhan Jinlong cigarettes, when it automatically labels at a high speed of 140 ℃ – 160 ℃, it is often difficult to label in the continuous labeling process, or it is resistant to high temperature, or the graphic color blocks printed in the slitting process fall off.Adhesion strength of UV ink and UV varnish 

     This not only affects the reputation of gold foil group in a certain popularity, but also increases the scrap rate of users

    The above ink and varnish fall off due to different adhesion with the substrate.Adhesion strength

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