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Types of Stretch Film

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There are many brands and configurations of stretch wrap film on the market today, too many in fact to mention.
The two main categories are manual stretch film and machine stretch film, depending on how the product is applied, with the rest of the variations focusing on specifications, manufacturing and application.

Types of Stretch Film:hand stretch film;machine stretch film; mini stretch film;silage film

What is Hand Stretch Film?

Stretch film specifically designed for manual applications is called manual stretch film. It is also known as hand film, hand stretch wrap, hand wrap or hand pallet wrap. It is typically used in small batch packaging operations. However, the efficiency of manual stretch wrapping should be regularly re-evaluated in light of the potential benefits of upgrading to machine-applied film.
Choosing the right stretch coater will result in a more efficient and cost-effective packaging operation.

What is Machine Stretch Film?

Stretch film designed for use in stretch wrapping machines is called machine stretch film. It offers many advantages over hand-made films, including: faster, more efficient packaging, reduced packaging material costs, safer application, safer loading and much more.

Common types of machine stretch film:(type of stretch film)

  • Blown film
  • Cast stretch film
  • Pre-stretched films
  • Speciality stretch films

The basic principle of the stretch packaging world is that the heavier your load, the further it travels and the more film you need to hold it in place. With this in mind, the process requires knowledge, experience and expertise to select the most cost effective solution for your transport requirements.

What is Cast Stretch Film?

Cast stretch film, also known as cast film or cast packaging, is manufactured using a cast extrusion process.

Typical characteristics of cast stretch films

  • Excellent optical
  • Clear
  • Smoothness
  • Excellent tear resistance
  • Quiet relaxation
  • Consistent tight fit
  • Consistent film thickness

What is a pre-stretched film?

Pre-stretched films are films that are stretched (or pre-stretched) during the manufacturing process and then rolled onto a core for sale to customers.

  • Pre-stretched film advantages.
  • Safer and easier operator application
  • Less operator work required to pack pallet loads
  • Less waste to landfill
  • Reduced necking eliminates rotation and travel around the pallet
  • Lighter rolls reduce operator fatigue and employee lost time injuries
  • Pre-stretched film is recyclable
  • Pre-stretched film is strong, consistent and stable

What is special stretch film?

Specialty stretch films are designed to meet very specific packaging needs that cannot be met by more general purpose stretch packaging products. Below is a small sample of some speciality stretch wrap films.

  • UVI stretch wrap
  • VCI stretch bandage
  • Film on a roll
  • Wide web packaging
  • Pallet wrapping nets
  • Coloured stretch film
  • Thick film
  • Bundling film
  • Ventilated Pallet Wrap
  • Strapping film
  • Opaque black stretch
  • Wrap Anti-Static Stretch Wrap
1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (1 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5)