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Disposable Bouffant Caps (Mob Caps)
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Disposable non-woven net cap

We are able to offer a superior quality range of Bouffant Caps. Our Bouffant caps are designed in compliance with the standards to suit the needs of medical and food industry professionals. These caps find their applications in medical and food industry. You can wholesale these bouffant hair nets.

Material: Non-Woven
Size:  18/19/20/21/24 Inch
Color:  Blue,White,Green,Pink,Yellow and Black
Style:  Double elastic
Feature: Disposable, Breathable, Lightweight, Convenient, Dust-proof
Packing:  100pcs/bag,20bags/ctn
MOQ:  100 CTNs
Carton Size:  47*39*39cm
Carton Weight:  5.8KG
 4.9 /5 based on 177 votes
Supply Ability:  100,000 pcs/day In stock Fast Delivery! From – Deruna
Payment Terms:  T/T(Telegraphic Transfer), Mastercard, Visa

What is the function of the bouffant caps?

The last thing a consumer wants to find in their food or pharmaceutical product is human hair and for this reason hygienic work environments are critical to businesses that make or package consumer food products, pharmaceuticals, assemble electronics or treat patients.

Hospitals need to keep wounds free from infection and factories can’t afford production shut downs or product recalls because of human contamination so many seek relief by implementing disposable bouffant hair caps for their production workers. Lightweight and comfortable to wear, they are inexpensive, simple to use and provide effective protection against product contamination. Bouffant caps or disposable hair caps also keep an individuals hair out of their eyes when working and this increases productivity.

Disposable head caps differ from hair nets. Hair nets are made of nylon or polyester mesh material and are designed to stretch over the head and mat down the hair but if you look at one closely, you will notice a webbing effect. The webbing has openings or apetures which could inadvertently allow hair to pass through where as a disposable hood cap is made from a layer of fabric free from apertures. Another difference between a hair net and bouffant clip cap is that a hair net is a little camoflouged when worn whereas a bouffant cap stands right out making it easier for compliance checks. White mob caps also present a clean look-n-feel to guests who might visit the plant for a tour.

Deruna International offers a variety of disposable bouffant caps for a wide variety of job tasks. They provide sanitary protection for cleaner work environments, eliminate cross-contamination and keep hair out of an individual’s face and eyes when working.

Our disposable head cover are available in different fabrics, colors and in sizes such as 18-inch, 21-inch, 24-inch or 28-inch which is ideal for anyone with ‘big hair’. Every bouffant head cap is made with a comfortable latex-free elastic gathering that keeps the bouffant in place and hair tucked in.

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To help you select which bouffant style non woven hair net you need, below is some general information:

Non-woven: also known as non-woven fabrics, needle-punched cotton, needle-punched non-woven fabrics, etc., are made of polyester fiber and polyester fiber (abbreviated as: PET). They are made by acupuncture process and can be made in different thicknesses, feels, and textures. Hardness, etc.

Non-woven fabric has the characteristics of moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light and thin, flame-retardant, non-toxic and tasteless, low price, and recyclable. 

Can be used in different industries, such as sound insulation, heat insulation, electric heating film, masks, clothing, medical, filling materials, etc.

If color-coding is crucial to departments or assembly lines, we have polypropylene disposable clip cap that are available in a variety of unique colors such as red, pink, orange, blue, white, green and yellow!

Descriptions of Disposable Bouffant Caps

Bouffant caps are called as – hair nets food service , hair nets for sleeping , surgical cap , bouffant scrub cap , disposable hair nets as well. These non woven caps feature affordably disposable design. Use-once convenience of these Disposable non woven net cap is just what you need.

Crimps Cap

Sky Blue

Disposable Bouffant Caps
$ 0.0138 / pcs
  • Size:18/19/20/21/24″ or Customize
  • MOQ: 10,000 pcs
  • Packing: 100pcs/bag,20bags/ctn
  • In stock, Fast Delivery !
mop cap


Disposable Bouffant Caps
$ 0.0138 / pcs
  • Size:18/19/20/21/24″ or Customize
  • MOQ: 10,000 pcs
  • Packing: 100pcs/bag,20bags/ctn
  • In stock, Fast Delivery !
Deruna workshop cap


Disposable Bouffant Caps
$ 0.014 / pcs
  • Size:18/19/20/21/24″ or Customize
  • MOQ: 200,000 pcs
  • Packing: 100pcs/bag,20bags/ctn
  • Supply Ability: 100,000 pcs/day
sterile cap


Disposable Bouffant Caps
$ 0.014 / pcs
  • Size:18/19/20/21/24″ or Customize
  • MOQ: 200,000 pcs
  • Packing: 100pcs/bag,20bags/ctn
  • Supply Ability: 100,000 pcs/day

Bouffant Caps Features

  • PROFESSIONAL APPEARANCE: Non-woven net cap is functional in service industry, making your staff seem to be more professional. Wearing our hair net can prevent your hair and sweat from falling off when you are working. Providing better service for your customers.
  • QUALITY UPGRADE : Disposable hair nets designed of double enclosed elastic rubber band, which is more comfortable and bouffant, Soft, Light-Weight And Breathable For User Comfort.
  • USEFUL: Prevents hair from falling in food and keeps hair and sweat from your eyes; Protective Caps, Hoods and Hairnets
  • CONVENIENT AND SAFE: These eco-friendly non woven head caps feature affordable priced disposable design. Cost-effective alternative to net caps. Save your money maintaining hygiene in your workplace.
Deruna disposable net cap

Slightly elastic, breathable, 18,19,20,21,24 inches for your choice. 0.12 ounces each,Non-Woven hairnets, 100 % Spun-bonded Polypropylene.

Deruna disposable bouffant cap

Elasticity Design:
Our non-woven net cap is of elasticity design, which is suitable for most people’s head circumference. Besides, the elastic band design can prevent the head net cap from slipping from your head.

Deruna disposable head cap

Compared to single rubber bands, double rubber bands can better fix the hair, and it is not easy for the hat to fall off.

net cap

Package Information:
100 pieces disposable net caps in a opp bag, which is adequate enough to meet the requirements for many people’s daily work. Our product are folded into striped shape so that you need to expand the striped hair net before your use it.

Applications of Disposable Non-Woven Round Head Cover Double Elastic Bouffant Caps

Disposable non-woven caps are suitable for electronic manufactures, restaurants, food processing, school, hospital, clinic, drug makers, factories, cleaning, public environments. It could be also used as a surgical medical cap for nurse and doctor, disposable kitchen cap, disposable hats food industry, .

Bouffant Caps

FAQs of Disposable Bouffant Caps

Disposable hairnets designed of double enclosed elastic rubber band, which is more comfortable and bouffant, Soft, Light-Weight And Breathable For User Comfort.
No, we have a double rubber band setup. Compared to single rubber bands, double rubber bands can better fix the hair, and it is not easy for the hat to fall off.
Yes, welcome! Customize package and OEM printing are available.
Please tell us the size and weight of the products you need, we will offer you our best prices.
We have a strict quality control system, a professional QC team to inspect thequality from raw materials to the very end before shipment.

What They Say to Us

mob caps blue
mob caps blue@disposable hat
Read More
Most of us think of these hair nets in the food industry, and they certainly are. These would be great for food handler use. They are lightweight, breath very well and the elastic is strong without being too tight or uncomfortable. I bought and use these hair nest for painting. I prefer them to hair bouffant caps or doo-rags because of the heat here. These keep the over spray out of my hair but breath much better and keep me from getting so hot. The one thing they don't do is absorb sweat. That's the only down side for me.
mob caps white@bouffant hair nets
Read More
The White disposable non woven cap Hair Net is made of light-weight non-woven spun-bond polypropylene fabric that provides breathability while maintaining a snug full coverage of head hair. The elastic green bouffant caps fits over the head and ears encapsulating the hair and is large enough to hold a large head of hair. The elastic has a filament covered unexposed edge for a secure fit and unexposed closure. It is very useful, and often-times required, to wear when working in a food service or volunteering in a kitchen. This is made for single use.
non woven head cover@disposable mop cap
Read More
Are use these on all my air vents in the front of my fans and inside my air conditioner filter because I’m allergic to dust mites and boy do they work easy to change and toss when they’re dirty
mob caps for sale
mob caps for sale@disposable scrub hats
Read More
These are very light hairnets. They allow your head to breathe without making it sweat. Elastic is strong but not tight. No installation or instructions are needed. No extra pieces are included nor are they needed. Works great to keep hair from falling into projects. Also works great to cover ingredients to allow air to flow but keep bugs and dust out.
non woven mob cap@disposable hair cover
Read More
Really good I wear bouffant covers to clean to cook to protect my hair from cleaning chemicals also wear this to disinfect rooms real good Thanks worth the price 👏👏👏👏👏👏
disposable hair net caps@bouffant cap manufacturers
Read More
They came in a timely manner. Durable, but very thin. Does the job they need to do.bouffant cap for long hair
disposable theatre caps@non woven bouffant cap
Read More
This is a super cap especially nice for everyone including those with longer hair.
disposable bouffant scrub hats
disposable bouffant scrub hats@poly bouffant
Read More
I like these disposable blue mop caps (blue mob caps) because they keep my hair out of my must when I am making homemade wine. I like now easy they are to use and you don't even realize you are wearing them, because they are so light weight. I like that this product is breathable and your head doesn't get hot while wearing them. This product has met my expectations for a hair net.
bouffant hair cover@head cover disposable
Read More
I chose black bouffant caps because they look just like the ones we use at work. This size is popular at work so we are always running out which is why I started buying a pack to keep in my locker. The last pack I bought about 3 months ago and I just ran out.
medline bouffant caps@non woven clip cap
Read More
There the ones I was hoping for (better elastic).. just they are ginormous. The bouffant caps wholesalers is very good.
bouffant cap blue@disposable skull cap
Read More
I snagged a pack of these to wear to bed over my wet hair since I'm giving the curly girl method a try and they've been working great! I also used them for deep conditioning with my blow dryer and bouffant cap supplier didn't melt or get tangled up.
bouffant hair net@blue bouffant caps
Read More
I’m a nurse at a hospital and our facility is no longer providing hair covers, even if we have COVID patients. I purchased this and it’s perfect for isolation rooms. It’s not too thick so it isn’t too hot.Deruna is a good bouffant cap manufacturers in China
bouffant hair net@bouffant cap white
Read More
This are comfortable and very breathable. They served their protective purpose, keeping hair in and were a pleasure to wear as they are completely odor-free. Recommend!
Jessica G@Great hair nets for a great price
Read More
It yellow bouffant caps very comfortably, I use them when I cook in the kitchen and I’m happy for the quantity and the price.

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