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Cake Cups

baking cups

Rimed Edge / Tulip / Muffin Colorful Cupcake Liner Paper Baking Cups

If you’re looking where to wholesale cupcake liners and baking cups, you are in the right place!Here’s what you need to know about our unique cupcake liners.

Material: 40gsm, 50gsm, 60gsm Greaseproof Paper or Customtable
Style:  Muffin Baking Cup, Rimed Edge Baking Cups, Tulip Baking Cups
Color:  Pure Color, CMYK Color, Multi color
MOQ:  50000pcs. Real MOQ depends on exact order item.ic
Views:  78383
Printing:  Flexo Printing, Offset Printing, Silkscreen Printing
Packing:  100pcs/bag,25bags/ctn
Carton Size:  39*32*38cm
Brand:  DERUNA
 4.9 /5 based on 177 votes
Standard Price:  $0.021 /pcs
Supply Ability:  100,000 pcs/day In stock Fast Delivery! From – Deruna Internatinal
Payment Terms:  T/T(Telegraphic Transfer), Mastercard, Visa, e-Checking Original source

Parameter of Parchment Cupcake Liners

Looking for a baking cup that will add flavor to your baked goods?

We’re ready for you.Our baking cup packs will make your muffin or cupcake look beautiful, chic, and stylish.
Your customers, guests and family will be impressed by your presentation and baking time will finally sound fun as our OIL-PROOF/BURN PROOF non-stick cups will add pleasure to your baking experience;Just pour the batter in, just use a cup.If you would like to wholesale cupcake liners, please contact us now

Rimed Edge Baking Cups

Size(mm): 50*38, 50*30, 36*30, 43*35 or Customizable
Packaging: 100pcs/bag, 25bags/CTN
Color: Pure Color, CMYK Color, Multi color
MOQ: 50000pcs

Muffin Baking Cups

Size:(mm)45*50; 50*37; 60*40
or Customizable
Packaging: 100pcs/bag, 25bags/CTN
Color: Pure Color, CMYK Color, Multi color
MOQ: 50000pcs

Tulip Baking Cups

Size:(Baser*Height,mm) 175*175*60; 150*150*50; 130*130*40; 110*110*30; 100*100*35; 80*80*30 or Customizable
Packaging: 100pcs/bag, 25bags/CTN
Color: Pure Color, CMYK Color, Multi color

Wholesale Cupcake Liners and Baking Cups

Wholesale cupcake liners and baking cups at a friendly budget We are your best choice,an exciting range of cupcake liners and cupcake cups in a variety of colours and patterns. Gold, silver, rose gold, black, pink, white, royal blue, floral or patterned – whatever you want, we have it.

You can also Wholesale cupcake liners and baking cups with festive themed, perfect for Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, St Patrick’s Day and more. Get more options to buy at super low prices so you can get even more fun things to bake!

Parchment Cupcake Liners Feature

  • HEALTHY MATERIAL & OVEN SAFE – Made from natural 100% wood pulp and totally fluorescent free, safe and ensure NO SMELLS, NO POISON, NO LEAKING DYES. there is no need to worry about health problems. They withstand temperatures up to 220°C/425°F, which is higher than most recipes require, so it It can be put directly into the oven without worrying about safety.
  • MULTI-USE & MULTI-OCCASION – You can make cupcakes or muffins, also can be used to hold biscuit, candy, dessert, cookie, fruit etc. You can also use the cupcakes you make to decorate weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, baby showers, graduation parties, Halloween, Christmas as well as other parties and events.
  • Unique Design – Add a refined style to any display case or plate, making your treats look even more divine. Cupcakes and muffins wrapped in baking cups offer a more professional, polished look than non-wrapped baked goods.
Wholesale Cupcake Liners

Sophisticated Design

Featuring a good texture and plealed edge, these baking cups provide a classic touch to the cupcake, easy to peel and make a gorgeous cake shape

Deruna Grease proof


Tulip cupcake liners are grease proof and retain moisture in the cupcake, keep elegant appearance and unbeatable freshness.

Deruna Oven Safe 1

Oven Safe

Withstand temperature up to 425 degrees fahrenheit, these cupcake liners are oven safe. Not only perfect for baking, but also perfect for holding cake, biscuit, candy, dessert, cookie, fruit etc.

Deruna Non sticky


Non-sticky parchment paper material made, unbleached with addition of silicone coating. Cleanup easier than ever, add much convenience and joys to your party!

Customer Questions & Answers

They can and do curl easily, but not anything more than expected. I didn’t bake the cupcakes inside of these liners. I used them for decoration by dropping a cupcake with a liner on it, inside.

Yes they fit in standard muffin pans. They are self supporting so only the bottom of the liners need to be contained within the pan.

Definitely use them in a standard muffin pan. I use 1/3 cup of batter in each one. I bake cupcakes for a side hustle and that amount is perfect. I have used too much batter and it does make them open.

These standard muffin papers materials are all made of food-grade material. This will ensure no smells, no poison, no leaking dyes. The cupcake liners will be placed in a sturdy plastic bag.

FAQs of Baking Cups

If you want to wholesale cupcake liners,Please email us with as many details as possible.
Such as thin paper size, material, weight, thickness, packaging, printing, quality, etc.
The more details, the more accurate our quotation will be.

Yes, we accept your idea of special design and more other details.Welcome to wholesale cupcake liners from us

Our M0Q is 10000 pieces, depending on your printing needs and customization needs.
Always a pre-production sample before mass production; Always final Inspection before shipment; Also, we’d like to show you around our factory and the production process of our products.
We usually pay by T/T. When we sign a contract, the payment is usually paid before shipment.

Most Helpful Reviews

Alison@Money worth
Read More
Everyone complimented how cute my muffins were! Idk about you, but food just taste so much better when it’s more aesthetically pleasing! I only used the dark papers because I was scared of how much grease stains would show through the lighter ones.
Lisa876@Turn your Cupcake Game UPP!
Read More
Grease will show’s a baked’s kind of inevitable unless you’re using something like silicone of foil liners! I also didn’t use a nonstick spray on them and they didn’t get stuck in the sides which is great! Anyways, loved these, will buy again and again! Makes me want to bake all the time. Hello calories! Also appreciated how they were packaged so they didn’t get squished.
Hilbre-Island-for-me@Buy these to make your baked goods aesthetically pleasing!
Read More
Perfect for cupcakes for a Gentleman's birthday party. Colors were bold. I di place regular cupcake liners in Them to bake, only because I wasn't confident on how they would hold up and grease stains showing through.
Mudge@Love these!
Read More
These are so fashionable and work really well I didn’t have any trouble getting the Muffins out of them. Since people said they stuck I put a cupcake liner inside of them, and then the muffin stuck to them ha ha they just worked perfect the way they are
Margie@nice looking, made muffins look special
Read More
I used these for Christmas goodies I shared... they were perfect for muffins, made them look professional... they were exactly what I wanted.
Kathleen E. Bernstein@Easy to use, no grease needed
Read More
I made muffins with these yesterday. I did not use any grease in the muffin tins or inside the paper. The muffins look beautiful and came out easily from the paper. So glad I bought these.
Vanessa Flores@ Perfect Find!
Read More
I love tulip liners. I typically wholesale cupcake liners from cake stores, this was my first order from Amazon, and I’ve already ordered 400 more. If you like consistency and sell desserts, these are perfect. Some tulip liners can be way too tall for packaging and get smashed when the lid closed, but these are a perfect height. Love them.
RWarren22@High quality product for a Professional Look.
Read More
I have been baking cupcakes for events for over 10 years. These were excellent quality. They did not stick to my cupcakes. They were not too greasy. Over all these were exactly what I wanted for this wedding.I think I will continue to wholesale cupcake liners and baking cups from them
Alissa B@Great product!
Read More
I wholesale cupcake liners and baking cups to make cupcakes for my son’s wedding. They were super easy to use and I LOVED how they look. They were gorgeous and so professional looking....definitely using these instead of traditional baking cups from now on!
Arlene Chigas@Using for cupcakes.
Read More
They work great for what I wanted them for. They were a bit curled on one end . So had to not use the end. Might of been from shipping. So was said about that. You can see in my pictures. I tried to un curl them n use the end ones but they stayed curled . So I will throw out the one end. But I still gave a good rating as they r very nice. I sent a picture of how pretty they turned out.