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We all know that normal paper can be recycled. But, does that mean that paper straws are also recyclable, and therefore eco-friendly?


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In theory, paper straws made out of pure paper can be recycled. However, this doesn’t mean that all paper straws are actually recycled by recycling facilities. In fact, the majority of paper straws are notrecycled, and this depends on a few different factors.

Be sure to read more below, where I discuss why not all paper straws can be recycled, and why not all paper straws are biodegradable or compostable. I also discuss the different ways for you to responsibly dispose of your used paper straws.

Recycled paper straws Feature

1. Adopt human-machine operation interface, more convenient for operation

2. Aluminium Paper reeling stand , Slitting rolls are easily placed into reel stand

3. Surface Paper is Single side cotaing , middle layer paper is double glue coating

4. Spiral winding part , specialized operation system , Belt tension device (hand-wheel driven)

5. 7 knife System in-line cutting unit controlled by encoder .,cutting  final paper tube directly , Servo motor control cutting system

6. Stainless steel body ,meet food grade production standards

7. Protection cover ,conform to ISO and 6S factory inspection standard

8. Automatic Stop when the paper break

9. Glue tank constant temperature system , Improve glue stability

10. Buzzer alarm system, stop, change paper alarm, reduce the difficulty of operation

11. Constant Tension control and Non-stop paper change system



Deruna Recycled paper straws4            Deruna Recycled paper straws5

Why Can’t Paper Straws Be Recycled?

There are a few large barriers to paper straw recycling, which I’ll explain below.

1. Some Paper Straws Are Lined With Non-Recyclable Plastic
Some “paper” straws have a plastic lining inside the inner layer of the straw. This is supposed to prevent the straw from getting soggy, but also makes the straw non-recyclable.

2. Most Recyclers Do Not Accept Food-Contaminated Products
Another barrier in the recycling process is that most recyclers do NOT accept food-contaminated products. This means that if your straw has been soaked in anything other than water, it will likely be rejected at the recycling facility.

Keep in mind that not all recyclers reject food-contaminated products, so this does depend on your location and the garbage collection process in your area.


Are All Paper Straws Biodegradable or Compostable?

Paper straws that are made out of pure paper will biodegrade if they are left in nature, usually within a few weeks. Likewise, paper straws are generally also compostable in your garden.

However, the term biodegradable can sometimes be misleading. While a paper straw will generally biodegrade within a few weeks in nature, they will not biodegrade in a landfill setting.

Landfills are an oxygen-free environment that are specifically designed to prevent decomposition. After all, you wouldn’t want a large pile of trash to start decomposing and collapsing on itself. This means that if you discard your paper straw into the trash (which ends up in a landfill), it will probably never biodegrade.

It’s also important to note that some paper straws may have had chemicals added in the manufacturing process to keep the straw water-resistant and durable. If so, then it’s probably best to not compost your specific straw.

Recycled paper straws FAQ

1.Q:What’s your EOQ?
A:Our EOQ is 50000 pcs.

2: Q:Can you customize small quantities?
A: Yes, no problem, no matter how much quantities can be customized.

3.Q:What is your payment terms?
A:30% T/T in advance,70% before shipment.

4.Q:Can you inform your delivery time?
A:Normally it takes 7~15days to finish the goods after receiving the deposite.