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Marine-Degradable Paper Straws Description

Discover how switching to durable, Marine-Degradable Paper Straws is a great decision for your restaurant, company, or family.

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A paper drinking straw need not be a wimpy straw. Marine-Degradable Paper Straws are made durably of top-quality certified paper for long-lasting use. These sturdy paper drinking straws are up to the task, staying strong throughout the duration of your drink without becoming soggy or disintegrating.easy with our safe, non-toxic paper drinking straws. Straws meets stringent federal requirements to qualify our paper straws as food-safe.Straws replace those non-degradable plastic straws with paper cardboard straws that are marine-degradable, compostable, and recyclable.

Standard for Compostability
Straws are tested to ensure all substrate requirements for compostability are met, in an effort not to contribute to landfill waste. Marine Degradability and Biodegradability.Primarily comprised of paper, Straws naturally break down in water and other environments without posing a risk to wildlife in lakes, rivers, and oceans.

Marine-Degradable Paper Straws Introduction

Straw Customization: Pick Your Color, Choose Your Size
Proclaim your eco-awareness and your brand in one shot. With its own printing press in-house, Straws can print custom straws in the color of your choice. Discover the impact of your company name and logo on our durable, attractive, ecologically-conscious paper straws.

Just your size. Make your switch from plastic straws to eco-friendly paper straws seamless. Straws are available in an array of sizes, serving an assortment of beverage types.With lead times among the shortest in the industry, you won’t need to wait long for your top-quality custom paper straws from Straws.


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Paper straw, Paper doilies.
2How to start order?
It's stock and ready to ship item, you can make order directly here.
3When can I get my order?
The order will be sent out within 5 days after payment, the delivery time will be advised when you choose the shipping way.
4Do you accept custom order?
Yes. the size, color ,packing, are support customization. please contact with us about the details.