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It’s safe to say that the global campaign against the use
of plastic straws reached fever pitch in the last couple of years,
with many companies and people choosing to ditch plastic
straws in favour of paper ones. But are paper straws really
the eco-friendly alternative they claim to be?

Our straws are made of wood pulp and they're 100%
biodegradable, eco-friendly, non-toxic and tasteless. .
There is no harm for human body and no pollution
to environment.

We have about 30 advanced
machines to ensure good qualityand punctually delivery.
OUR ACHIEVEMENTSOur annual sales volume is about$8,000,000 in 2018 and now we'retesting to use bamboo pulp toreplace wood pulp to make ourstraws more environmental.

Paper Straws description

The main argument for using paper straws instead of plastic ones is that paper is biodegradable.
This means that it can naturally be broken down and won’t end up floating in our oceans or
being swallowed by turtles. However, the fix isn’t as simple as swapping plastic for paper.
Chung explained that while paper straws, unlike plastic ones, will naturally decompose into smaller pieces,
there is still a chance that small animals could swallow these little bits of paper.

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This eco-friendly alternative to regular plastic straws offers the same great drinking experience, without polluting the environment.
Great tableware for water,milk, smoothies, tea,fruit juice,coffee,sodas drings. Nice for DECORATING and DIY projects such as cupcakes, photo prop holders etc.
Adorable and gorgeous chic appeal WITH 12 kinds stripes included Pure-White-extra-wide(50 pcs),Bamboo(150 pcs),Black-Stripe(150 pcs),Blue-Dots(150 pcs),Blue-Stars(150 pcs),Blue-Stripe(150 pcs),Burlywood(150 pcs),Pink-Stripe(150 pcs),Pure-White-bulk-packed(150 pcs),Pure-White-individually-packed(150 pcs),Red-Dots(150 pcs),Red-Stripe(150 pcs).
Add colour and decoration to even the smallest detail in your party by using these coloured paper straws. These cute party straws come in striped designs in 6 different colourways
These Compostable paper straws are 20cm long and are perfect for Milkshakes, Sodas, Juice, Slush Drinks, Cocktails, Gin and Tonics and many other party drinks. Our Cardboard Paper Straws can be used by Kids and Adults alike for everyday use, parties and events and for decorations and craft.


Product line


Q: Are your straws soggy? 

A: We’ve achieved the best condition in between Eco and Durability. We’d provide a free sample for you to test the quality

Q: Are you able to provide the product test report?

A: Sure, as long as being required.

Q: How about the packing?

A:  Individual, bulk pack, or kraft pack. Custom printing is welcomed!

Q: How about the delivery time?

A: Generally it is 5-10 days if the goods are in stock. or normally less than 15 days for customizing service.