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Parchment Paper Roll

We are a professional parchment paper roll manufacturer, providing OEM/ODM services
parchment paper roll

Food Grade Oven Safe Heavy Duty Easy to Tear Non-stick Parchment Paper Roll

Material:Silicone Oil,100% Virgin Pulp
Width: 10-45cm or Customized
Length: 3-300m or Customized
Thickness: 38-50gsm or Customized
Color: Brown ,black , white and colored parchment paper roll
Feature: Nonstick, Greaseproof,Waterproof, Heat-Resistant
Views: 34383
Packing: In small roll; In sheet; In Jumbo Roll
Application: Cooking, Baking, Frying,Steaming, Wrapping, Freezing, Packing etc.


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Supply Ability: 1,000,000 boxs/Day In stock Fast Delivery! From – Deruna Internatinal
Payment Terms: T/T(Telegraphic Transfer), Mastercard, Visa, e-Checking Original source

How to Use Parchment Paper Roll?

Deruna How to Use Parchment Paper Roll​ 1

Open the box along the dotted line

Deruna How to Use Parchment Paper Roll​ 2

According to the required size,
remove the silicone oil papre

Deruna How to Use Parchment Paper Roll​ 3

Simply cut the silicone papre gently along the edge of the blade

Deruna How to Use Parchment Paper Roll​ 4

Spread the silicone paper on a baking sheet and you are done

You can OEM/ODM & Some of Our Customer Cases

We are a factory, and we have a design department dedicated to customer service. You can customize the length, width, thickness, packaging method, etc. of the product.

If you don’t have experience in this area, don’t worry, we will give you some reference cases. Our business managers have rich experience.If you want to purchase commercial parchment paper roll,please contact us!

45gsm HIWARE KITCHEN Parchment Paper 240SQFT 12inX240ft

45gsm HIWARE KITCHEN roll parchment paper 240SQFT 12in*240ft

Alfresco Caterer's Baking Paper 120mX40cm

Alfresco Caterer’s Baking Paper 120m*40cm

Bacofoil Professional Non-Stick Baking Paper 50m 45cm

Bacofoil Professional Non-Stick Baking Paper 50m 45cm

Bakewell non-stick Siliconised Baking Paper 30cmX75m

Bakewell non-stick Siliconised Baking Paper 30cm*75m

BAKLICIOUS Parchment 117 SQ.FT 13inchX164ft

BAKLICIOUS Parchment 117 SQ.FT 13inch*164ft

Catering Baking Paerchment Paper 440mmX50m

Catering Baking Paerchment Paper 440mm*50m

Caterwrap Baking Paper 450mm

Caterwrap Baking Paper 450mm

Chef Le Bon Parchment Paper Double Roll 15'' X33'

Chef Le Bon Parchment Paper Double Roll 15” *33′

ChicWrap Culinary Parchment Cutting Paper

ChicWrap Culinary Parchment Cutting Paper

FSC Paerchement Baking Paper Big 70 sqft Roll

FSC Paerchement Baking Paper Big 70 sqft Roll

Great Value Non-stick Parchment Paper

Great Value Non-stick Parchment Paper

Non-Stick Baking Paper 30cm 50m Hotels Restaurants Cafes Commercial Catering

Non-Stick baking parchment paper roll 30cm 50m Hotels Restaurants Cafes Commercial Catering

NORPRO Nonstick Baking Paper

NORPRO Nonstick baking parchment roll

RAW Unrefined Parchment Paper Roll 100mm x 4m

RAW Unrefined Parchment Paper Roll 100mm x 4m

Reynolds Genuine Parchment Paper 45 feet

parchment paper 15 in x 164 ft

Why Choose Our's Parchment Paper Roll?

Pre-cut Parchment Paper Sheets Material

Healthy and non-toxic

KOSHER, FSC approved, baking paper rolls for baking, made from 100% natural wood pulp, safe and non-fluorescent.

parchment paper roll


Parchment paper rolls for baking can be easily cut into different sizes to suit your baking needs with the help of the metal cutter inside the box.

Deruna parchment paper roll1


parchment baking paper roll are designed with two-side food grade silicone coating, smooth surface makes nothing stick to your baking tray.Non stick paper roll paper rolls are very easy to use

Parchment Paper Roll OEM

Provide Customization design for free

According to your needs, to provide you with quality products. If you customize the length, thickness and packaging, please contact us and design for free.

Multifunctional Parchment Paper Roll

  • The most preferred parchment roll by professional or home bakers. Great for professional use for restaurants, cafes, culinary schools, bakeries, chefs, or for moms and home cooks and bakers. Our customers also use it for arts and crafts.
  • Nonstick baking paper temperature resistance is from -68° F to 425° F. You can not only use it in the oven, but also wrap the food in the refrigerator, microwave, air fryer, etc.The perforated parchment paper roll is very easy to use in the air fryer.
  • Although parchment paper roll for baking is so versatile, be careful not to touch an open flame.
parchment paper roll

Baking Bread & Rolling Sandwiches

Baking parchment is perfect for baking bread. If you want to have a sandwich or pie for breakfast in the morning, don’t hesitate. You can roll your sandwich or pie in a parchment roll for a clean, fresh and beautiful look. This way you can easily take your delicious food where you want it to go.

parchment paper roll

Cooking & Roasting Vegetables

Non-stick parchment paper for baking rolls can be used in as many ways as you need. The greaseproof paper roll prevents stains caused by food coming into direct contact with the baking tray. Heat resistant and non-stick paper makes it very easy to clean and frees up your hands

parchment paper roll

Serving French Fires & Other Fried Food

Putting fried food on a plate? No, that’s too much trouble! A piece of baking parchment paper will help you out with all your troubles. Yes, place the fried food on a plate with parchment paper. When you’ve finished eating, throw away the parchment. You will never have to bother cleaning your plate again.

parchment paper roll

Patty Separating and Freezing

The double-sided food-grade silicone coated baking paper makes the paper non-stick and even separates frozen food easily. Separating frozen foods would be a good option.

Deruna parchemnt paper roll5

Baking Cookies & Cupcakes

Do you like to make your own cupcakes or biscuits? parchment paper bulk roll will satisfy your little desire. All you have to do is place the silicone parchment paper roll on a tray, place it in the oven, let it sit for a while and you have a delicious treat. A parchment-lined cake tray makes it easy to turn the cake out of the pan without it sticking to the bottom.

Deruna parchemnt paper roll6

Baking Pizza & Barbecue

Enjoy a pizza or pie as an afternoon snack on the weekend while you sit on the sofa and watch your favourite TV show or football match. The pizza should not be too greasy to satisfy your appetite and the non-stick parchment paper helps you to do it easily. Let yourself enjoy a peaceful afternoon.

Deruna parchemnt paper roll7

Catch the Spilled Condiment

cooking paper roll is a great way to retain the flavour of your food. Place the food on baking paper and spread the sauce, sprinkling all the spices around the food will catch spills well and make for easy clean up.

Deruna parchemnt paper roll8

Parceling Food

Most people only associate parchment paper with baking biscuits, cakes, meat etc. These larger rolls of parchment paper are also perfect for packaging foodstuffs, such as wrapping chips or hamburgers, and are useful and easy to use.

Most Helpful Reviews

Sissy@ Beautiful dollies
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I look forward to using more of these parchment paper roll bulk in different sizes and colors. I am so glad that I found these unique parchment paper scroll! I highly recommend them for anyone !
Nay Con@Grandkids love them!
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We did craft with them. Easy to separate for little fingers held up to glue too.
Lydia Martinez@Beautiful Food Presentation!
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My warehouse stopped carrying my favorite unbleached parchment paper roll. I purchased some at the grocery store, but it was cheap and thin. This is excellent quality! It is heavy duty and works wonders. I do use silicone baking paper roll, but sometimes I just don't want the extra clean up; parchment saves the day.
Mrs. P.. j@Doilies
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Very pleased with the speed and quality of them, arriving on the following day and suitable for all occasions.Their large parchment paper roll is perfect!
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I’m using chic wrap parchment paper inside my cake dome. It looks nice and gentle. It also looks antique and it’s perfect. It avoids having to clean the wood constantly. I love it.
Trishak@Good value
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Believe me this is a great product! I have tried and tested it with many different types of food, Including homemade bread & biscuits To fresh and frozen foods and it works great with all the above! I only wish this company made clingfilm too