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How to use piping bag and piping mouth

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How to use piping bag and piping mouth

Decorating nozzles and decorating bags are very commonly used tools in baking. They are suitable for making basic cookies, finger cakes, advanced puffs and macarons, and also suitable for making cupcakes of various difficulties. Decorating flowers can also be used to divide the batter. Have you used such a versatile tool for decorating flowers? Let’s take a look!

  1. Basic decorating mouth: including large and small round mouth and multi-tooth mouth (the most commonly used are 6-tooth and 8-tooth).
  2. Decorating bags: including the most commonly used disposable plastic decorating bags, cloth decorating bags suitable for harder batter (such as cookie, puff batter) and silicone decorating bags
  3. Decorating nozzle converter: used to easily replace the decorating nozzle, usually used in making cup cake decorating with different patterns

①Large 8-tooth mouth, suitable for decorating cup cakes, cookies, etc.

②Large round mouth, suitable for making puffs, finger cakes, cup cake decorating, filling batter, etc.

③Medium round mouth, suitable for making macarons, cup cake decorating, filling batter, etc.

④Large 14-tooth mouth, suitable for making puffs, cup cake decorating, cookies, etc.

⑤Large 6-tooth mouth, suitable for decorating cup cakes, cookies, etc.

Auxiliary tools:

  1. Scissors: used to trim the piping bag
  2. Scraper: used to fill batter, cream, etc. into the piping bag
  3. Scraper: used to concentrate the filler on the front end of the piping bag; or put the filler into the piping bag
  4. Suitable size cup: used to fix the piping bag
  5. Sealing clip: used to fix the seal of the piping bag
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Assembly of piping mouth and piping bag:

  1. Put the piping mouth into the piping bag, and visually check the position of the mouth; cut the mouth according to the desired position; put it into the piping mouth, make sure that the cut mouth is of the right size and does not cover the front end of the piping mouth Opening
  2. Rotate the part of the piping bag close to the mouth a few times and press it into the piping mouth (this is to prevent the filling from leaking from the cut during the filling process); then put the piping bag into a cup of suitable size, and the excess The piping bag is folded back;
  3. Use a spatula or scraper to shovel the filling into the piping bag, pay attention to filling the filling on the same side, and the volume of the filling should not exceed 2/3 of the piping bag. Try not to make a big cavity inside when you put it in;
  4. Turn back the folded part of the piping bag, lift the piping bag on both sides, and place it on the table; loosen the piping bag twisted at the piping mouth, and put the big bubble in the bag visible to the naked eye across the bag Press gently to push out; use a scraper to push the filling to the front end through the piping bag until the filling comes out of the piping mouth;
  5. Tighten the mouth of the bag to make the filling appear full in the bag, and clamp the mouth of the bag with a sealing clip to prevent the filling from escaping from the mouth of the bag;

In this way, the assembly of the piping nozzle and the piping bag is completed.

*If you need to use a converter, replace step 1 above with the following steps:

After cutting the slit, install it into the base of the converter; put the decorating nozzle on the base from the outside, put on the head of the converter, and screw it tightly.

When doing different decorating/squeezing flowers, we usually need to abide by the following 3 rules:

① Uniform strength and speed

② The distance between the mounting mouth and the mounting place is about 1cm

③ When squeezing round, torch-shaped, rose-shaped, circular, spiral, star-shaped, etc., the decorating nozzle is perpendicular to the decorating place; when squeezing a long strip, the decorating bag is inclined at an angle of about 45 degrees to the decorating place; When the flower is in the shape of a clump, the piping bag is perpendicular to the points on the cake surface.


Specific usage scenarios

  1. Squeeze the cookie batter

The cookie batter is hard, usually a sturdy cloth or silicone piping bag; the piping mouth is usually a toothed one.

Common flower types: spiral, ring, star

  1. Squeeze finger cake/puff batter

The round mouth is often used for fingerbread batter, or the piping bag is used directly; the round mouth or multi-tooth mouth is commonly used for puff batter.

Common shapes: strips, dots

The long strip is suitable for finger puffs or lightning puffs, and the round shape is suitable for puffs and macarons.

  1. Decorating cup cakes

6-tooth and 8-tooth decorating mouths are commonly used for cup cakes.

Common shapes: rose shape, torch shape, flower cluster shape

The most common one is the torch shape, and the easiest one is the flower cluster shape.

  1. Divide the batter

This is considered as an additional function of the piping bag. When we want to divide the batter or other materials into evenly many parts, using the piping bag will be more accurate than pouring directly or scooping it with a spoon. The wall of the paper cup after being poured is also more accurate. It’s very clean and won’t hang excess batter or other materials.

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